Breathing – Best practices for performance

Breathing - Best practices for performance

Breathing – Best practices for performance! Everyone has at one time or another, pondered the idea: What would be the best way to breathe while running?  There are so many opinions on the subject, it’s no wonder so many are confused.  Veejay Jones – Elite OCR athlete and I (Richard Diaz) thought it would be entertaining to discuss some of the popular theories on the subject and offer up our own opinions.  Are you a chest breather? Have you ever heard of diaphragmatic breathing?  Do you get cramps in your sides when you red line in competition?  It may very well be that the way you breathe is holding you back from your next best performance!  Is breathing exclusively through your nose a good idea? How about hypoxic training, simply holding your breath? Ever heard of the Wim Hof Method?We had some fun with this one.  Listen in and you may even learn how long Tom Cruise can hold his breath!

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