Building Better Athletes through Knowledge… a Q&A Session

L&LDuring our last episode in where Richard Diaz covered the finer points of proper running skills, the show was met with a lot of favor. Many people wrote and asked for more of this type of Q&A format. Hoping to satisfy this request, we reached out to the social media and prompted our audience to send in questions for Richard to address. Topics include: How to effectively employ heart rate, what to do with muscle tears vs strains or sprains, running shoe selection, when and how to include rest in training, questions on cadence, muscle mass and more.

OCR athletes are hungry for information and most found is anecdotal. The sport is too young for foundational advice which leaves a wide path for misinformation. The goal is to cut through much of the misconceptions and provide logical advice without chasing intangible conclusions. If you enjoy this episode let us know. Our aim is to serve.


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