How to get to the Boston Marathon

How to get to The Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is arguably the most prestigious running event in the United States and possibly the world. Qualifying for Boston is no easy task. I have a conversation with a friend Blue Benadum a highly successful runner who has run Boston 6 times and set a personal best of 2:23 at this event. He has also run the Lake Tahoe triple (3 marathons in three consecutive days) and won twice, all of which clocked in beneath 3:00. In this conversation we discuss “How to Get to the Boston Marathon.” It may not go in the direction you assumed but it is certainly something you should hear no matter where your running takes you. If you’re interested in more in depth advice on your running, check out this video and more: While on the subject, two great reads recently released by Coach Diaz, Training the Dark Side and The 20 week Marathon Training guide can be found on the website .

Maybe you’re not trying to get to Boston, maybe you want to run your first marathon. Don’t be intimidated by this conversation! This information is actually better suited to new runners than those who have run multiple marathons! It could be that you don’t even like to run because all it does is cause you pain! Nothing is worse than re-occuring injuries that are directly related to your attempts to run. The Host and guest of this particular podcast have spent over a decade advising and coaching people just like you to successful, enjoyable running!

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