Hunter McIntyre revisited

Hunter McIntyreAs many of you fans are aware (if you follow the sport of obstacle racing), Tough Mudder came out of the box with a new product… Tough Mudder-X which was a stadium style short course, action packed, high intensity event. The field was tight and packed with stud and studettes from the OCR and Cross-Fit communites. The promo was relatively hush, hush but now that its done and the program is slated to air on CBS in August we can talk a little about it.  Given the winners were posted all over social media, I think its safe to offer a congratulations to my friend and client, Hunter McIntyre for taking the win.

Before you get too excited, this episode does not cover the race. It is an interview I did with Hunter a few months prior.  I felt it might be interesting to revisit his mindset leading into this new event.  Full disclosure: we knew of this event at the time of this initial broadcast.

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