OCR Racing Tips and Breaking News!

Tips on Running FasterCoach Diaz, who also happens to be the host of this podcast has asked VeeJay Jones  Elite Spartan Pro to return to share some insights on training.

  • Learn a few valuable tips on cutting precious time from your racing
  • Get a sneak peak into the infamous Tuesday Morning Training Sessions 
  • Learn how to get a ton of quality training done in less than an hour
  • Learn about a new online training plan is in the works guaranteed to bring your running skills to an incredible level next season

Finally we’ll share some details regarding the 2019 Opening Season Super Clinic to be held on Coach Richard Diaz‘s home turf along with testing, evaluations and lecture time at The World Famous Secret Lab.  Along with this episode is a video of what happens in the Off site Training Lab that is not so secret!  #youcantwinifyourunlikeshit

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