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New Years Resolution Solutions!

New Years Resolution Solutions

Planning on setting new goals for the New Year? We set out to help you avoid common pitfalls so you can avoid inevitable failure! We cover 10 bad idea’s and 10 common approaches and conclude by adding our own spin on what steps to take to help you ensure your success! Play in new…

Boost Speed and Endurance with The Flow Method


Regardless if you are a runner, Obstacle course athlete, Hyrox or even Crossfit, The FLow Method of training will boost your tolerance to fatigue and build your capacity to deal with lactate production, who many see as performance killer. This conversation revolves around Richard Diaz’s recent book, Training the Dark Side. Our goal is to…

Questions and Answers for OCR and Endurance Athletes

The Natural Running Network with Coach Diaz and Princess Leah

Join Coach Diaz The Natural Running Networks new Co-Host Leah Duhon “Princess Leah” a highly talented Ninja and OCR athlete in her own right. This episode was open to the audience, Questions and Answers for OCR and Endurance Athletes from those who had questions regarding a variety of topics related to racing and training. We…