Running Tips from Coach Richard Diaz

Running tips from Coach Richard DiazIf you can’t run well you just won’t win in Obstacle Racing. It does not matter if you are part monkey and fly through the obstacles, the time lost running opposed to the time gained over an obstacle puts you at a serious disadvantage in OCR.

Here is another tip: If you set your mind on pushing harder into your running program, you stand a better chance injuring yourself than improving your running splits.

This episode is a down and dirty explanation of the things you need to focus on in training and why. If you had never attended one of Richard Diaz’s running clinics, listen to this episode, its short and to the point and these training tips will go a long way in helping you to improve your finish times and may even get you on the podium like many of Richards’s clients. To learn more or to schedule a private session with the coach visit



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