The Obstacle Course Racing Q and A Show

Coach Richard Diaz RantsA while ago, my wing man Miguel Medina and I (Richard Diaz) did a Q-n-A show in where we took questions from our friends on social media.  We ran out of time and tabled a page full of questions we promised to get to at a later date. As it turns out, this is that later date! I had to roll solo but I hope I addressed the questions presented with some clarity, questions like… “How much running should you do to prepare for an obstacle race”? “How can you measure heart rate effectively relative to grip strength training”? “How can you tighten up loose ligaments”? And much more… thanks to those who wrote in.  This is a pretty quick, down and dirty episode; you should have plenty of time to give it a listen.

ocr- running-clinic

Human Octane makes a statement

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