Lauren Fisher and Jenn Ryan visit The Secret Lab

Two of the Fittest Women in the World

Some may argue, that the fittest athletes on the planet are CrossFit athletes.  I am not going to argue for or against the prospect.  What I will defend is that Lauren Fisher and Jen Ryann have shown the world on many occasion that they belong on the short list!  Lauren, a seven time Crossfit Games competitor and member of the 3rd fittest Crossfit team in the world and Jenn Ryan the 2019 age group champion at the Crossfit Games in 2019  work hard to earn those accolades.  In this interview, held at The Secret Lab we discuss their visit, what they had learned and what they will take away from spending half of the day with me.  Putting these ladies to task and revealing their potential was eye opening for us all. The two ladies operate a virtual training program exclusively for women, you can find them at:

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