Tired of getting injured doing OCR Races?

dip’s OCR Run Clinic recap

Tired of getting injured doing OCR Races?

Tired of getting injured doing OCR Races? OCR Run Clinic Recap

Tired of getting injured doing OCR Races? A few things you can depend on, the sky is blue, grass is green and OCR athletes get injured. Out of love for participation in Spartan races and other OCR events, many enthusiastic OCR participants will find themselves suffering from injuries that could have been avoided.  It’s a function of eduction and application.  Racing is not training or vice versa. 

For over a decade Coach Richard Diaz has hosted running specific clinics that provide a wealth of information through clinical diagnostics, gait training and injury abatement solutions that are self help oriented and extremely effective. Did I mention we dial in your nutrition? Through our Resting metabolism assessment we can clearly define how effective your feeding habits are and show you how to develop a feeding strategy that is easy to follow and will balance your weight without sacrificing muscle! We also reveal your metabolic turn point so that your training intensities are always in control and progressive. If you have not had a chance to attend one of these clinics, we highly recommend that you listen or watch this entire broadcast. If you are interested in learning more about these clinics and upcoming dates, visit https://diazhumanperformance.com.

Here is the video version: https://youtu.be/Fcdrf7_b278

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