Why Every Athletes Need CBD

Why Every Athlete Needs CBD

Everywhere you turn these days you’ll find CBD for sale the acronym for “cannabidiol”. CBD is the active ingredient derived from a cannabis plant, yes, Marijuana .  Over the past half decade, marijuana dispensaries have cropped up all over the country.

The medicinal benefits prove to reduce stress, improve sleep, reduce inflammation and pain associated with over-exercise.  we explain when to take it, what to expect and why it really works?

As an endurance coach and clinician over half of my business circles back to exercise related injuries.  I’ve learned long ago, if I can’t keep my athletes out of the pain cave, how the hell can I train?  Jay O’Hare, founder of Venga Endurance explains what you need to know before you invest in CBD.   Full disclosure, I am bias towards Venga Endurance for all of the reasons we’ll share.  If after watching this clip you decide  you want to experience these benefits. Visit https://vengaendurance.com/ and use my promo code to get your discount! Diazhp10

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