A Conversation with the Fittest Runner I’ve ever met

Blue BenadumIt may seem like a heavy statement to say “The Fittest Runner I’ve Ever met” but in all the years of assessing the fitness of athletes (over two decades) this runner, Blue Benadum has consistently tested off the charts in a VO2max test, I’m talking over 85 mls/kg/min!  To put this in perspective,  a score that high would rank in the top 1% of the fittest athletes in the world.

This does not necessarily mean the top performer in a category but, Blue is no slouch. He won the Lake Tahoe Triple Marathon (3 consecutive marathons over 3 days) with an average finish of under 2:55 each. At the conclusion of the final marathon (which was the fastest) he executed 100 air squats and 100 pushups on there finish line!  This weekend he’ll participate in an IronMan Triathlon with less than 9 weeks of preparation on a borrowed bike.  You got to hear the entire story~

Human Octane makes a statement

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