Q&A with Laura Messner and “Coach” Richard Diaz

I had to think long and hard before posting this particular episode because, for some, it may seem a bit “infomercial-ish”. Once I started the edit process, it occured to me that this is information that many of you may appreciate hearing in that explains a few projects that we have in the works. If you are not one of those… we will return to our normal training tip oriented format along with interviews of people that I think you would be curious to hear from. Now that I have warned you, what I wanted to do is share some of the success we had with a recent training project and explain what I have in mind for future projects. If you have been suffering from running related injuries, need some help with “How to” organize your training, this episode is right up your alley! Laura Messner was happy to help out and I am forever grateful!

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