Taming The Darkside -Lactate tolerance training

Coach Richard Diaz RantsThis episode aired a few months ago but I have had a lot of requests to bring it back. Yes, its in the archive, Its funny how it takes a few times around to get people to absorb the information. So, here it is again, a redo of my explanation of how to turn lactate production into a friend vs. foe. ┬áThose that may have more specific questions on the topic are welcome to message me on FaceBook and I’ll do what I can to field those questions in a future episode. Obstacle Course Racing, Spartan Races, Tough Mudder Races and the like cause athletes to dig deep, sometimes too deep and energy demand can dampen your performance. In this episode I explain what you should be doing in your training to combat the insidious overload of lactic acid.

Human Octane makes a statement

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