The Black Friday Show “Teaser”

bfsThis year’s Black Friday episode is going to be all about giving back to my listening audience! No gimmicks, just our way of saying thanks for following us over the years.  I plan to give away over $1000 worth of cool stuff. To earn a chance to get yours all I ask is that you provide an interesting question regarding training.  We’ll award those who provide the best and most interesting questions with a gift! We have a gift package from Rock Tape, XX2i Sports Sunglasses, Skratch Labs and RPM2.  I may even give away free entry into one of my running clinics! Be sure to tune in and Happy Holidays!

2 comments for “The Black Friday Show “Teaser”

  1. Brandon
    November 27, 2015 at 12:57 pm

    Question: For aerobic base training how does one establish what heart rate to run in. I know the 220-age = max hr the you could extrapolate aerobic zone from there (which according to you is what in percent take form) or one could use Maffatone formula of 180-age to get target base training heart rate. To me that is 135 and seems profusely slow. If one has been training long term, how do you know when to raise the bar.

    🙂 Brandon

    • diazhp
      November 27, 2015 at 3:37 pm

      Brandon, I realize that this may seem low compared to your fitness, yet fitness and aerobic capacity are not always on a linear path. The way to improve your aerobic ability is to make sure that your heart rate training influence is aerobic. That said, even if your target prediction is conservative at least it will in fact be aerobic. By performing progressive comparative time trials held to the specific heart rate you had been training should, over time, produce faster splits. This is how and why you would evaluate when to raise the bar and by how much. As for the Black Friday give away, your question came after the show and the gifts were already awarded. Sorry dude, next time.

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