9-year old girl Completes 24-hour BattleFrog. So begins the Controversy.

Friday9 year old girl Completes 24 hour BattleFrog.  So begins the Controversy.

When I first heard that a 9 year old girl had completed a 24 hour BattleFrog obstacle race it was revealed to me in a blog post written by Ekaterina Solovieva, aka., “Solo”, herself a seasoned adventure/obstacle racer/psychologist.  Her catchy title: “A 9-year old completed a 24-hour obstacle race and why I am not impressed”.  I had to better understand why someone would “go there” and needed to dig into this topic simply because, well… it’s just really interesting. Anyone one who is or has raised children must be curious.  Is this a good or bad idea, should race promoters allow this to take place? Lots to think about and we tried to cover it from all angles.  If you care to read the blog for yourself here is the link to “Solo’s” Blog page: www.solovieva.com/not-impressed/


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