Are You Ready for The Spartan Agoge?

Dyla Davis Spartan AgogeThe Death Race for years served as the pinnacle of the Spartan Obstacle Racing challenge, it has recently been shelved and replaced with a different type of extreme challenge The Agoge an event that provides up to 60 continuous hours of adventure. Yet, is it as extreme as its predecessor? We speak with Dylan Davis who over the past year participated in the winter and summer Death Races and the first two installments of Agoge to get his take on what one can expect when they face this challenge. What you learn may surprise you. Does Joe De Sena, mastermind of these challenges have a plan that has yet to be revealed? Listen and draw your own conclusions.

The Spartan Agoge claims to bring together physical and mental strengths while developing innovative thinkers, prudent risk-takers, and expert decision-makers.  Are you truly Spartan enough to meet this ancient rite of passage?



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