Are You Ready for The Spartan Agoge?

Dyla Davis Spartan AgogeThe Death Race for years served as the pinnacle of the Spartan Obstacle Racing challenge, it has recently been shelved and replaced with a different type of extreme challenge The Agoge an event that provides up to 60 continuous hours of adventure. Yet, is it as extreme as its predecessor? We speak with Dylan Davis who over the past year participated in the winter and summer Death Races and the first two installments of Agoge to get his take on what one can expect when they face this challenge. What you learn may surprise you. Does Joe De Sena, mastermind of these challenges have a plan that has yet to be revealed? Listen and draw your own conclusions.

The Spartan Agoge claims to bring together physical and mental strengths while developing innovative thinkers, prudent risk-takers, and expert decision-makers.  Are you truly Spartan enough to meet this ancient rite of passage?



4 comments for “Are You Ready for The Spartan Agoge?

  1. Shane
    March 11, 2016 at 10:34 am

    Great interview, and great to hear Dylan’s perspective on it… That was a great idea about these Agoge events being training, education, and experience for something coming that would be even worse then Death Race. I sure hope so.

    There was a point where you asked Dylan about Death Race, and why he did it, and what he got out of it. He never really got to answer that because you went into a story about being in the Army.

    I did Agoge 001, and am a 4 time Death Race finisher. What people need to realize about Death Race and Agoge, and events like this is that about 90% of people that do it, comes in with a story. Most are not there because of the race, but because they had some type of inner demon that they were fighting. Some have dealt with cancer, or eating disorders, or physical abuse, or mental abuse. Some have been addicted to drugs, or alcohol. Some deal with anxiety, or depression. Some feel like they’ve been a bad spouse, or parent, or just a bad person in general. The list goes on and on. Most of these things are in your past, but it’s still a demon that you fight daily.

    When you are about 30, or 40, or 50 hours into one of these events, and you are beaten down, and you want to quit – your mind starts to go to those places where the demons are, and you remember the hurt that you’ve been fighting for years. You start to draw a connection between these terrible life events, and this race. Then you realize that what you are going through in the race really isn’t that bad in comparison, and that it will end. Then something really strange happens. You realize how far you’ve come, and that you’re no longer that person that was dealing with those demons in your past. You realize you’re much stronger then that, and it’s no longer a defining crutch in your life. It’s hard to explain, but somewhere out there you find peace… and you lay down those issues, and you move on, and you don’t look back. Granted, it’s not an easy thing, and it took me several years before I could lay mine down. There are a lot of demons that have been put to rest in Pittsfield.

    However, in the end the most important thing that I got from these events are the friendships and relationships. I often say – “nothing bonds like suffering” – and we have suffered mightily. But together, we learned how to overcome… we learn from it, and we grow. I’ve never had any other experience where you walk away feeling like you just made a brother or sister, and you can’t wait to see them again.

    • diazhp
      March 11, 2016 at 12:30 pm

      Hello Shane, thanks for your message. You should know that Dylan and I are friends, I actually coach him via virtual online service. We had done a show several month ago on Death Race. I asked him then as I did this time what his personal payback was and never got a direct answer which is fine. I may have interrupted his thought path with my ridiculous personal story, if I did, I apologize to both of you. All said, I really appreciate your perspective, this makes far more sense to me and I can see where when fatigue reveals personal demons resolve is near at hand or not. Thank you-

    • Maria Hernandez - Barragan
      March 17, 2016 at 11:05 pm

      Great interview Diaz, as usual very helpful.

      Shane I couldn’t of said it any better. I am signed up to do my first Agoge 60 in June. Many people have asked me why am I doing this & of course think its insane but with a smile all I reply is “because I know I can do it, I been through worse and survived when even if thought I wouldn’t, but now I believe that anything is possible!” What you described is exactly how I felt during my Ultra Beast and my last HH12 inTemecula Temecula when I was ready to quit and break down I remembered why I was out there and that I am stronger than the old me and those demos from my past. I can’t wait to experience my first Agoge.

  2. Luke L
    May 3, 2016 at 3:29 am

    Can not wait for Agoge to land in the EU. We have had DR style events arranged by those who now have ties with Spartan UK but it will be great to get fully onboard.

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