Arguably the most reliable ass kick ass piece of cardio equipment, the Concept2 rower, has been embraced for decades in sport.  It has been a staple in Crossfit and now with 2 additional pieces, the Bike and Ski erg these devices are world renowned for delivering a workout that is… shall I say “setting the bar high” not only in Crossfit but now in Hyrox the new fledging OCR style indoor fitness challenge.  Because there has been so much scuttle butt on how to approach these devices to turn out the best performance, I thought, why not reach out to Concept2 and get some expert advice?  This episode is an interview with Greg Hammond who has been a part of the Concept2  family for over 23 years and a fierce competitor in his own right.  I wanted to know…

  • How do you approach the Ski erg to get the fastest times without imploding? 
  • What is the best practice for setting the damper in competition?  
  • Which cardio piece should someone purchase for a great fitness tool? 
  • All that and more!

If you intend to compete in Hyrox or Crossfit, you’ll not want to miss this episode!

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