Sandbag Training Tips for Obstacle Course Racing

Crystal SeaverNearly all Obstacle Course Events include a heavy carry component and even those that don’t require hill climbing ability. These training challenges are best approached outdoors and typically best conducted by mimicking the actual challenge.  Where am I going with this you might ask? In this episode I have the pleasure of sharing some of my training tips with Crystal Seaver, Master Trainer for Wreck Bag, a product produced by

If you participate in Spartan Races, Battlefrog events or even World’s Toughest Mudder, you will benefit greatly by employing the workouts I share in this episode. If you don’t own a Wreck Bag and having been trying to make a shift carry tool, you’re being penny thrift and a pound foolish. If you’ve been thinking about a purchase, listen to this episode and take notes! I’ll tell you how to develop explosive hill climbing/bag carry power.

Wreck Bag

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