What happens when you mix one badass CrossFit athlete with Coach Diaz in The Secret Lab?  Answer: You get a hybrid training program that is sure to set the CrossFit community on fire!  I know what you’re thinking… Coach Diaz and CrossFit?  Had you asked me a year ago if this were ever likely to happen, I would have serious doubts.  It took an introduction from Hunter McIntyre to bring Ryan Fischer and I together and I have to say, I was intrigued. Ryan is one of the fittest athletes I have ever met. When you consider the fact that he can deadlift 600 pounds (over 3 1/2 times his weight), clean and jerk 315, run a 53 sec. 400 meters and a 5 min mile. Most rational people would be hard pressed to disagree with me.  This interview is way outside my playground and I love it!  If you’re a Spartan athlete, participate in obstacle course racing yet still enjoy intense strength training, this episode is for you!  We reference a few videos we did in The Secret Lab, if you want to see them Go to my YouTube Channel “Richard Diaz” and see these and many more!

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