Who is Richard Diaz?

Who is Richard Diaz?

Who is Richard Diaz? it’s difficult to put a label on him and he would prefer you don’t. His notoriety is earned through his success as a coach and sports clinician and yes, he has written a few books. All the same he doesn’t like to be defined exclusively for these accomplishments. He has exceeded retirement age with no interest in shutting it down. Blue Benadum an accomplished elite marathon runner who apprenticed under Coach Diaz. Richard is no bull shit coach, those who don’t know him will quickly learn what makes him tick. Blue set a personal best at The Boston Marathon with a finish time of 2:23.

Richard Diaz agreed to sit for this candid interview. You’ll learn that he’s been around the block and has earned a great deal of experience from his travels. Most that follow his work these days are from the obstacle course racing space. Many know him as the coach behind elite athletes such as Hunter McIntyre and more recently VeeJay Jones. He also works virtually with clients from all parts of the world on a daily basis. His recently released book Training the Dark Side is a departure from traditional training practices and is worth reading. Be sure to visit his website to learn more about the services he provides and to get an update on his clinic “Road Show.”

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