Virtual Racing with OCR Stars

Things suck these days if you yearn to compete.  The Corona Virus has everyone around the world in lock down mode.  Finding an outlet for your competitive drive has been a challenge onto itself this entire year.  With so many race companies struggling to stay afloat, not many have given a care for the athletes, whom many, have already struggled to eek out a living from the sports they love. 

Enter Hunter McIntyre, an early adopter in the OCR profession.  Aside from the beat downs he’s handed out, the sport has not been kind to him.  Becoming a world champion in multiple disciplines only to have the sports who paid him, ultimately failed him.  What’s an athlete to do?  Answer… produce his own competition with the focus on giving competitive athletes in the sport a fighting chance to earn a decent purse IF they can win the competition set forth. 

Enter – OCR Stars a competition developed by one of the top OCR athletes in the world for athletes.  If I have just perked your interest, be sure to listen to an unfiltered conversation between long time friend and coach Richard Diaz and Hunter McIntyre. Visit:

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